Aim of the Society
  The aim of the Society is to provide aid to poor Mauritian and Rodriguan children suffering from conditions which cannot be operated upon in Mauritius and which can be operated abroad, and to obtain such treatment abroad.
  The Society is the official body recognised by the Government for attainment of its aims and is registered with the Registrar of Associations. Its constitution is fully formulated and conduct of the Association's business is in accord with the directives of the Registry of Associations.
  The Society's affairs are governed by a Central Committee consisting of a President and two Vice-Presidents, one of whom must be a doctor, an Honorary Treasurer and totalling fourteen members chosen at the Annual General Meeting or co-opted by the Central Committee.
  Members of the society pay an annual Subscription of Rs. 600.00.
News / Updates
13 children were sent abroad
16 children were sent abroad
17 children were sent abroad
9 children were sent abroad
2012 Dec
7 children were sent abroad
2011 Nov

12 children have been sent abroad this year: 8 orthopaedic cases to Bangalore, India; 4 ophthalmic cases to Perth, Australia

This brings the total no. of children treated abroad to 664 (788 times)

2011 Jan

13 children have been treated in 2010:- 5 of them had surgery for orthopaedic deformities in Bangalore, India and 8 others for eye conditions in Perth, Australia.

This brings the total no. of children treated abroad to 657 (sent abroad 776 times).

2010 Jul
4 children have already been treated in Perth, Australia.  A boy from Rodrigues will be undergoing eye surgery there in the coming weeks.
2009 Dec
3 children were successfully operated in Bangalore, India: 2 were cardiac and one had a severe spinal deformity. 
2008 Dec
Two children were sent and one child was successfully operated for heart problems during the year 2008 at the Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital, India